How We Can Use God’s Glory To Sustain Ourselves

God’s glory lives inside of you. You are incredibly gifted and have the power to change the world. But don’t get lost in the myth that pushes the idea you’re in competition with others. Here’s how we can use God’s glory to sustain ourselves and stay in the spotlight.

How We Can Use God’s Glory To Sustain Ourselves
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Maya Angelou once said, “I believe that each of us comes from the creator trailing wisps of glory.” 

God creates us like unique recipes. Pouring talent into us, God blesses each of us with a specific passion. We express our glory to God every time we ask ourselves: What makes my heart sing

Whatever your passion – performing, cooking, gaming, writing, leading, organizing, community building – God gave each of us a gift to be used to share God’s message of love. 

Spreading God’s love grounds us in our collective purpose and helps bring us closer to achieving liberation. 

Our talents, passions, and purposes are all part of God’s plan for liberation. We can release anti-Black notions of toxic competition.

Using our gifts to build abundantly loving communities is how we sustain ourselves, our relationship with God, and our liberation efforts. Here is a prayer to tap into your inner power.

Dear God: I humbly recognize your glory within me. Help me wisely use the talents you gave me to spread your message of love. Help me remember that I am no more or less important than anyone else dedicating their lives to Black liberation. There is no competition when it comes to your love.  Amen. 

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