How To Talk To Your Ori, The Spirit Guide Inside Your Head

In the Yoruba spiritual tradition it is believed that our heads are a powerful spiritual site. Our head is where our Ori resides. An Ori is the Orisha assigned to be your spirit guide and govern your unconscious mind. What’s the best way to communicate with your Ori?

How To Talk To Your Ori, The Spirit Guide Inside Your Head
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In traditional Yoruba spirituality, everyone has a specific Orisha assigned to them at birth. This Orisha acts as their spirit guide throughout life and is referred to as their Ori. We must each learn how to work with our Ori. It is key to know what their favorite offerings are and how they prefer to receive communication from us. 

Effective communication with our Ori can be done through meditation, reflection, prayer, and trusting our intuition. 

Morning prayers are one the best ways to seek counsel from and communicate our devotion to our Ori. 

Some people choose to wash up before beginning morning prayers at their altar. Others choose to pray the moment they wake up before even getting out of bed.

When praying to our Ori it is important that we start by greeting them and expressing gratitude for their continued love and guidance. 

We can continue by saying, “My ori, please guide me to the people, places and things which will help me in life today. Bring me the people and things I need to receive wealth, health, happiness. I am asking you my ori to....(state your prayers/desires/ wishes), listen to my prayers and take them to heaven Ase Ase Ase O!"

There is a beautiful relationship between ourselves and our spirit guides that needs consistent tending and care. Honoring that consistency will bring continued blessings and abundance. 

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