How To Share Your Truth As An Act of Divine Courage

Truth telling takes courage. For some people, our truths might land as an “unpopular opinion.” For others our truths are wisdom that helps them on their own journey. First and foremost, sharing our truths honors who God made us to be.

How To Share Your Truth As An Act of Divine Courage
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“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” –John 8:31.

Our truths are powerful. By sharing our truths we introduce ourselves to the world. Our truths inform others on how we would like to be treated. But sometimes truth telling is hard. Here are some tips on how to speak your truth loud and proud.

# 1 Identify Your Truth: 

Identifying our truth requires us to stand firm on our sense of morality, our beliefs, and our boundaries. Many times we already know intuitively what our truth is. However, there may be times when we need to think through exactly what it means to be true. 

Reflect on a strong opinion or worldview you have. Ask yourself, “Why is that important?” Continue to ask “Why?” until you get to the root of it and can identify what your truth is and why.

#2 Set Boundaries: 

Setting boundaries is how we create safe environments to share our truths. Setting boundaries is an assertion of our needs. When we set boundaries we signal to others we are safe spaces for the truth to manifest itself.

Be direct. State your boundaries by saying, “I would like…”

#3 Be Yourself: 

It’s better to be ourselves than to worry about not being liked. We can’t control how others react to us. 

We deserve to be authentic. Our authenticity provides space for others to be authentic, too. And when we are authentic, we honor the love God has for us. Afterall, he created us just as he wanted us to be. How we act in our truth is an opportunity to honor our existence.

Founder of Black liberation theology James Cone reminds us, “Truth is divine action entering our lives and creating the human action of liberation.”

Truth telling brings us closer to God and simultaneously resists anti-Blackness. How will you make space for your true self today?

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