How To Share Your Spiritual Gifts

Each of us has a gift to share with the world. Showing up for our gifts takes work. Patience. Courage. It may be scary to face our gifts because we often have to face ourselves for who we truly are. Your gift is your calling. Here’s how to show up for it.

How To Share Your Spiritual Gifts
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Everyone has a divine gift or gifts, specifically given to them. How do we surrender to our gift so we can bless others? Here are a few tips and accompanying prayers.

#1 Let The World See Your Gift: 

Being perceived in our gifts can feel scary because others may judge us or not understand. When we remember that the only witness that matters is God, being seen becomes less scary. 

Dear God: Please give me the courage to be seen. 

#2 Pay Haters No Mind: 

Judgment has a cousin: Jealousy. When we allow ourselves to be seen in our gifts, haters will try us. Truth is, they're jealous that they haven’t figured out how to tap into their own gifts.

Dear God: Please protect me from those who’d see me fail. Please allow me to extend them compassion while continuing to honor my gifts.

#3 Put On Your Armor: 

Put on your spiritual armor every day. Prioritize prayer with God, giving yourself time to really hear God’s voice. You can also adorn yourself with protective jewelry and essential oils.

Dear God: Please guide me. Steer me in the direction of people and opportunities who will support me and my gifts.

#4 Walk In Your Calling

Your gift is reflective of God’s will. Your gift is your calling. 

Dear God: Please grant me the discernment to hear your calling above the noise of the world.

Our gifts are how we tap into our higher creativity and power. Our gifts are our contributions to Black liberated futures. 

It’s our responsibility to our ancestors and future descendants to live our gifts out loud. 

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