How to Make Space For Others Spiritually

We are all here for a reason, and God’s love extends to each of us, no matter how different we may be. Everyone's on their own spiritual journey. Here's how we make space for each other along the way.

How to Make Space For Others Spiritually
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Empathy is showing compassion towards others, even if you haven't experienced what they have. That compassion is one way to support one another, even if we disagree. 

Here are three more ways we can make space for each other. 

Active Listening 

Making space for others requires us to listen actively and deeply. Focusing while listening to someone can look like holding eye contact, leaning forward, and using reassuring facial expressions. 


We're building a future world together now; open-mindedness will help us get there. Being open-minded is considering other perspectives empathically, even in disagreement. 

Cultivate open-mindedness by allowing yourself time to process new information and to ask yourself and others questions to get closer to genuine understanding. 

Minding Your Business 

Humans want to "fix" situations, especially for those we love. However, holding space for others sometimes means minding your business by allowing others to be their own hero while walking alongside them in support.

When we embrace that we're all on different paths, each integral to God's plans for us, we're better able to make space for each other without the harsh judgments many of us already face in the world. 

We are each other's keepers.  

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