How To Lean On Spirit During Times Of Suffering

In life we will all experience suffering. There is no getting around it. But especially during times of suffering, Spirit is there to comfort us. How can we lean on Spirit during times of suffering?

How To Lean On Spirit During Times Of Suffering
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The Holy Spirit was sent as a comfort to us because God knew that in our fight for liberation and our daily lives in general, we would experience suffering.  John 14:26 reminds us, “The Father is sending a great Helper, the Holy Spirit, in My name to teach you everything.”  But how can we lean into the Spirit, when we can barely think straight?

#1 Community: 

Leaning on community is another way we lean on Spirit. Spirit comforts us by sending those who remind us to have faith.

#2 Grace In Our Devotion:

Just like Spirit is always with us, our devotion to Spirit means we are always with Spirit. How we show up for Spirit during times of suffering looks different than during times of celebration.

There can be room for grace in our devotion during suffering, as suffering often tests our faith. During suffering, it might be that sitting silently with God is what our devotion looks like, and that is ok. 

#3 Slowing Down: 

Suffering causes our bodies, minds, and spirits to grieve. Navigating grief can be an  invitation to slow down. 

Slowing down can feel scary, especially when anti-Black capitalism tells us to rush. But rushing means we’re not taking the time to heal. 

Since our liberation efforts are in alignment with God, we’ll inevitably experience suffering because we’re devoting ourselves to fighting oppressive anti-Black systems. 

Suffering does not mean God has abandoned us. If anything, it means God has drawn us nearer. 

Nearness to suffering also means nearness to love. When we lean on Spirit during suffering, God’s love will always be there to guide us back to ourselves. 

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