How To ‘Hang Up’ When Negative Self-Talk Calls

Negative self-talk is anti-Blackness creeping into our subconscious. “I’m not good at this. I shouldn’t even try,” is an example of negative self-talk and it is spiritually draining. Here’s how to hang up when negative self-talk comes calling for you.

How To ‘Hang Up’ When Negative Self-Talk Calls
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Morning Prayers and Affirmations: 

Begin each day thanking Spirit and affirming yourself. 

Examples of self-affirmations are: “I am loving. I deserve love and respect.” “I am brilliant. God gave me gifts I am meant to share with the world.” “I am enough, exactly as I am.” 

Stop The Thought: 

The moment negative self-talk creeps through, stop the thought. Say, “Nope! That’s not true.” Breathing in, say the affirmations you created during morning prayers to yourself. 

Habits and Routines: 

Come up with a few daily or weekly low-stakes habits that make you feel good, rooted in community, or that gently push you to the gifts Spirit has provided you. 

Developing low-stakes routines helps us release perfectionism, a side effect of negative self-talk. 

Talk To Yourself Like You Would A Loved One: 

You wouldn’t speak cruelly to your best friends or grandma, so why do it to yourself? Talk to yourself like you would a loved one, because guess what? You ARE a loved one. 

You’re enough. You’re worthy. You have so many gifts to share with the world. You’re divinely loved and protected. Spirit will never abandon you. The only person who can abandon you is yourself.

Whenever negative self-talk starts whispering in your ear, tell it to mind its business. Because speaking poorly on such a magnificent creation is no business of yours. 

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