How To Give A Quick Read, With Support From Spirit

This traditional Afro-Diasporic practice will read you…in a good way. After learning about this ancestral practice we’ll all be itching to reach for our sacred books to find the hidden messages this practice reveals to us.

How To Give A Quick Read, With Support From Spirit
Via Wikimedia Commons

Bibliomancy is a form of divination used in many spiritual practices, including hoodoo. To an outsider, bibliomancy looks like randomly opening a book and making meaning of what’s on the page. 

But seasoned bibliomancers know they’re learning to read spiritually. 

Bibliomancers work with the bible. Thinking of specific questions, they flip through the pages until Spirit tells them to stop. 

Once called to a specific page, they trust the answer to their question will be found there. 

Highly skilled hoodoo practitioners know how to interpret the messages received within a bibliomancy session and how to draw on those messages to decide what to do next. 

From a reading, a hoodoo priestess can identify what spell, tincture, or herbs should be used to help resolve a situation. 

Learning to read the Bible is where many enslaved ancestors first learned that liberation was part of Christianity and that God was on the side of the oppressed. Here they found new meaning in the Holy Word. They read freedom into their spirits, hearts, minds, and bodies.

Today, ”reading someone” is an important part of our culture. A bibliomancy session is likely one of the most honest “reads” you’ll ever receive. 

Practices like bibliomancy are a reminder of our power. When we channel our energy into reclaiming and learning our ancestral practices, we’re truly able to strengthen ourselves, even in the face of oppression. Now check that.

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