How To Build Relationships That Feed Your Spirit

You deserve affirming relationships that build you up. Human connection is one of the most essential parts of life and has a powerful effect on our paths. Here’s how to build relationships that serve your spirit.

How To Build Relationships That Feed Your Spirit
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Capitalism encourages us to have transactional relationships, but those relationships aren’t always good for our well-being or spirits. In reality, our spiritual soul care should invest in meaningful connections. Here's how to make that happen. 

#1 Be Specific 

Decide the type of people you want in your life. Make a list of their top three qualities, like “positive” or” encouraging.” Remember the qualities of things that align with your spirit and honor them in every interaction. 

#2 Be Intentional 

Building the right relationships only happens sometimes. It requires intentionality. To find your people, be intentional about creating or showing up to spaces that bring you together. It could be a community event, conference, workout class, or on social media. 

#3 Be Patient 

Building quality relationships takes time, so be patient and nurture the connection. Make time for phone calls, in-person check ins, and showing explicit support for their aspirations. 

What about the good people you have around you now?  When did you last tell them you appreciate their presence in your life? Here's a Friendship Prayer to consider: "[God] I praise you for the people you have blessed me with, the ones who have come alongside me to love, encourage, support, and uplift me through all the twists and turns of life." 

Deep friendships are empowering. Remember, God lives not only within us but also within those we love. 

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