How The Ankh Symbolizes Spiritual Rebirth

Many of us are afraid to die. The unknown of “what comes after” can be terrifying. But this sacred Egyptian key might be the loophole we’re all seeking.

How The Ankh Symbolizes Spiritual Rebirth
Via Wikimedia Commons

The Ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyphic meaning “the key of life.” But this key unlocks multiple doors.

The Ankh represents “life” and “fertility” in both the living and spirit realms. Many believe its shape honors reproductive organs and the portal of life.

But Egyptians also incorporated the Ankh into burial rituals, believing death leads to rebirth in the spirit realm.

Our current life prepares us for our spiritual rebirth. Just like expecting parents prepare for their child’s birth, we can prepare for our spiritual rebirth.

This will look differently for each of us since we’re all on different journeys, but here are some self-reflective prompts to use as a starting point:

1.Do you feel free in your body? What do you need to feel free?

2. What inner child healing work are you avoiding?

3.How do you show up in your community?

4. What dream or goal are you putting off?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have all the answers. Healing is an ongoing journey that takes self-love, community, and care.

It’s our responsibility to heal in this lifetime so when we’re spiritually reborn we can become good ancestors and help guide future generations. What are you doing to prepare for rebirth?

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