How Taking Time To Interpret Our Dreams Soothes The Spirit

Has a dream ever followed you from sleep into waking life? Or have you ever had a dream so wonderful you wish you could have it again? In the dance between light and shade, our dreams whisper secrets that can lead us toward revolution, freedom, and self-affirmation.

How Taking Time To Interpret Our Dreams Soothes The Spirit
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For centuries, dreams and meanings have been rooted in ancient African spirituality and folklore. When we choose to work on and heal ourselves through shadow work, a profound method for engaging in the intricate practice of shadow work is dream analysis. 

African tradition has always called and relied upon the counsel and power of our ancestors. It’s believed that they reach far beyond the veil after they’ve passed to bestow knowledge, protect us from harm, and forward messages from the heavens. It is within the depths of our dreams where hidden truths lurk, veiled by the cloak of darkness. 

Deciphering the messages and meanings of our shadow selves that weave their way into our dreams begins with memory. Committing the images that swirl behind our eyes throughout the night to a dream journal each morning allows us to pour a bit of ourselves onto the paper. 

Each element of a dream holds power and meaning in its imagery. Traditional and modern beliefs and traditions surrounding African dreamscapes  encourage the union of imagery, purpose, and fulfillment. We find our true selves through the process of interpreting our dreams. 

Through deciphering our dreams with unwavering commitment, we unearth buried emotions and confront aspects of ourselves that have long been lost or denied, igniting an inner revolution like no other. What are your dreams telling you about your own liberaton? 

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