How Our Ancestors Supercharge Our Spiritual Life

We all have ancestors: the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties, and uncles who came before us, making our existence possible. If you believe they're protectively watching over us, that belief may help bring you closer to God.

How Our Ancestors Supercharge Our Spiritual Life
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The Akan people believe that ancestors play a significant role in our spiritual worlds. They work for our betterment and the fulfillment of our destinies. Believing in the power of the ancestors doesn't mean we have to choose between them and God. 

While highly influential, ancestors don't dominate or silence other voices. Instead, they're in an ongoing conversation with the living. This relationship with ancestors is a cornerstone of indigenous theology instilled in us for centuries, emphasizing our collective responsibility in shaping our salvation. 

God has always held a supreme position in Black belief systems. Still, our people also recognized His placement of beings, such as ancestors, on our paths to serve as guides, imparting existential truths that lead us to flourish.

In this way, we can consider ancestors as powerful, necessary members of our spiritual community who help keep us loved and protected. 

We can embrace our indigenous ways and God, too. One does not diminish the other, and because ancestors are complete humans, including them in our spirituality can help bring us closer to God in all the ways we desire.

You are spiritually abundant. Your ancestors love you down. God does, too. We don't have to listen to anyone who says we must choose between them.

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