How His Talks With Spirit Inspired Immense Change

You deserve someone to advocate for you in times of uncertainty, and God will. Nat Turner believed this deeply in his spirit, inspiring his most remarkable work.

How His Talks With Spirit Inspired Immense Change
Via Wikimedia Commons

When Nat Turner decided that enough was enough during enslavement, he got confirmation from God through the Holy Spirit to lead one of the most pivotal rebellions. 

Turner was a Baptist preacher who believed himself to be a prophet. He understood his intentionally violent rebellion as an act of faith. According to author Karl W. Lampley, “Turner aimed to free his fellow slaves in Christian charity and fulfillment of the gospel in anticipation of Christ’s return.”

Turner rejected the enslavers’ Christianity, which expected our folks to believe God was coming soon to  free them from bondage, as he did the Hebrews in the book of Exodus. But Turner wasn’t waiting around because he knew something they didn’t.

He talked with God, believed we were made in His image, and knew God condemned slavery.. Turner knew God wanted us to be free.

According to Turner, the Holy Spirit told him, “Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” In 1825, he envisioned Black and white spirits at war. These callings confirmed that Turner needed to pursue the King of Heaven on Earth for his people, and through violent uprising, God’s blessings would come. 

We must believe that God is on our side. How can you tap into your inner Nat Turner to resist and fight for what’s divinely ours?

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