How Do You Honor The Sacredness Of Each Day?

How do you tap into the sacredness of each day? Within the Yoruba spirituality of Ifa, each day of the week has a specific purpose, ritual, and Orisha. Sundays will always be especially holy, but Ifa reminds us to honor each day.

How Do You Honor The Sacredness Of Each Day?
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In Ifa, each day has its own purpose and Orisha. Mondays belong to Elegua, Orisha of the crossroads, and Yemonja, Orisha of the Ocean and Mother of All.  This day brings the promise of financial success and is a day when prosperity rituals can be most effective. 

Tuesday is the day of victory. Ruled by Ogun, the Orisha of War and Iron, Tuesday is the day to overcome obstacles, resolve conflicts, and manifest discipline. 

The energy of “Hump Day,” or Wednesday, is chaotic. The fierce winds of Oya, Orisha of the marketplace and cemetery gates rule Wednesdays. Many Ifa practitioners don’t perform rituals on Wednesday. 

Order is restored on Thursday, which is ruled by Shango, Orisha of lightning, fire, and righteous justice. Thursdays are good for starting long-term projects or relationships. 

Oshun, the Orisha of Love, knows love can be complicated, messy, or troublesome. Fridays can reflect this messiness, so it’s not a good day to travel or to move to a new home. 

Ruled by Eshu, Elegua’s trickster side, Saturdays aren’t great for conducting rituals. Instead, cleanse your space, review your prayer journal, and set intentions for future rituals. 

Sunday belongs to Obatala, the Sky Orisha who lovingly shaped all humans. Sundays are best for prayers for longevity,  health, and communicating with the Spirit about the future.  

Ifa’s Orishas remind us that each day has a special purpose, energy, and power. How can you walk in your purpose today?

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