How Divine Purpose And Community Work Together To Guide Our Souls

You deserve to feel supported on your spiritual journey. This ancient Black wisdom reminds us of the crucial components of living out our divine purpose.

How Divine Purpose And Community Work Together To Guide Our Souls
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We're all born with a destiny. The Akan people believe we're each assigned a divinely ordained roadmap called "the Kra." It's a life plan that identifies each individual's purpose and is between that person and God alone. 

"The Sunsum" is the aspect of our souls developed in tandem with lived experiences. The Sunsum doesn't remove the individual's power, given by its Kra destiny, but instead works together reciprocally and uniquely for the greatest good of each individual. 

Sunsum spiritual communities are believed to be made up of God, the living, and the ancestors. 

Unlike Christianity, the Akan don't believe we are born morally corrupt. Instead, we're born incomplete and made complete and fulfilled by our Sunsum and our divine plan, Kra. 

Like much of Black life, this pre-colonial religious wisdom reminds us of our duality and agency in a world that tries hard to strip us of both. The Akan way allows us to embrace our people’s unique walk with God.

It also requires us to work collaboratively and communally, accepting our many truths, identities, and realities, and respecting each other's unique destinies. 

We don't have to abandon the religious values we were raised with, but it's okay to lean on indigenous Black knowledge, too. As we must, the Akan knew our crucial role in salvation alongside God, one another, and our ancestors.

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