How Did This Woman Change The Course Of Human History?

1 John 3:17-18 tells us, “If a person owns the kinds of things we need to make it in the world but refuses to share with those in need, is it even possible that God’s love lives in him?” What this woman did when she saw a need in her people changed the course of human history! How?

How Did This Woman Change The Course Of Human History?
Via Wikimedia Commons

Fatima al-Fihri lived over a thousand years ago, when hardly anyone believed that women should receive an education. But her father did, and he’d seen to it that she’d gotten the best schooling available.

But now he was dead. How could she honor his memory?

Fatima, a very religious and well-educated woman, had seen her father help people, and she wanted to help them too. Though her family was rich and well-educated, she knew many of her people were not. How could she change this?

Her father had left her an enormous fortune, so she made a decision that would literally change the course of human history. She created something that had never been done before in the world! What did she create?

The world’s very first university! There, her people could study music, religion, math, science, history, astronomy, and medicine! But that’s not even the most incredible part.

The university still exists today! Fatima al-Fihri saw a need among her people, and she answered it using the resources she had to help her people. How will you use your talents and resources to help those in your community?

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