How Black Joy Can Be Passed Down Through Generations

When we experience joy, we nourish our spirits and heal our bodies. Imagine if we could bottle up our joy and pass it down to future generations. How strong would their spirits be? What kind of world would we create together?

How Black Joy Can Be Passed Down Through Generations
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Studies show the racial trauma Black people experience can be passed down from generation to generation. Trauma even shows up in our DNA.

But if pain can be passed down, what about joy? Here’s how we’ve been able to pass down the good times through the ages.

#1: Knowing Our Stories

True Black history isn’t taught in schools, but knowing who we are is important for counteracting generational trauma. Honoring our stories, including the painful ones, help us embody our joys and our resilience.

#2: Feeding Our Spirits

Historically, the Black church has been a safe place for us to mourn, worship, shout, and lay down our problems. It even served as a refuge from white terrorism and oppression. And it doesn’t always have to be church – any space where we’re safe to be ourselves helps combat trauma.

#3: Art

Creativity has always played a role in how we process our trauma, but also in how we celebrate our wins and experience Black joy. Our art also serves as a way for us to advocate for ourselves and to make our voices heard.

Generational joy is the birthright of our future descendants. We don’t know if Black joy can be inherited, but one thing is certain: when we lean into experiencing joy and sharing it with others, we build a foundation of resistance for future generations.

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