His Captivating Words Remind Us About The Power Of Prayer

The night skies roared with thunder as Dutty Boukman's prayer captivated the spirits of those gathered at a secret meeting on the eve of the Haitian Revolution. His call on God moved them in a way their enemies could never have expected.

His Captivating Words Remind Us About The Power Of Prayer
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On August 14, 1791, under a thundering night sky, hundreds of enslaved people secretly gathered near the swamps of northern Haiti to make freedom a reality. Bois Caïman was part prayer, part strategy. 

Priest Dutty Boukman's powerful prayer catalyzed everything. "The God of the white man calls him to commit crimes; our God asks only good works of us." He reminded folks that colonists used Christianity and the Bible to justify slavery. 

"But this God who is so good orders revenge! He will direct our hands; he will aid us," he continued. Boukman knew God was on their side, ready to aid in their fight for freedom. Like Boukman, we are co-creating our liberated future with God's unwavering support. 

He finished by saying, "Throw away the image of the God of the whites who thirsts for our tears and listen to the voice of liberty which speaks in the hearts of all of us." The God Boukman understood didn't take pleasure in oppression. We must reject any gospel that tells us otherwise. 

Boukman's prayer reminds us that our God believes in the righteousness of Black freedom. Jesus was self-determined, fought for the oppressed, and pursued the dismantling of unjust systems. We must move in that spirit. 

The voice of liberation is within us because God placed it there. We can lean on Him while actively building the world we deserve to live in. It's God's plan. 

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