Here’s A Self-Care Ritual To Do Over The ‘12 Days Of Christmas’

The actual 12 Days of Christmas span between Christmas Day and Three Kings Day. Historically, the 12-day period was dedicated to resting and gathering with loved ones. Here is a twist on the classic “12 Days of Christmas” jingle to remind us to still practice self-care through the holidays.

Here’s A Self-Care Ritual To Do Over The ‘12 Days Of Christmas’
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Day 1 (12/25): An hour nap. Much deserved after all the festivities.

Day 2 (12/26): Two calls to friends to express gratitude for your community. 

Day 3 (12/27): Three hours of service, one of God’s favorite love languages.

Day 4 (12/28): Four-minute meditation. Studies show that mini-meditations do wonders

Day 5 (12/29): Five resolutions for New Year’s that center Black liberation.

Day 6 (12/30): Six glasses of water. Let’s stay hydrated as we prepare for the new year.

Day 7 (12/31): Seven hours of joy. Whether dancing the night away or learning about the Black history of New Year’s Eve, be sure to end and start the year with joy. 

Day 8 (1/1): Eight manifestations for the upcoming year as you take a moment to pray with Spirit. 

Day 9 (1/2): Nine things for you to get rid of in your living space. New year means new energy. Time to cleanse

Day 10 (1/3): Ten minutes of doing absolutely nothing. When we slow down we can hear Spirit better. 

Day 11 (1/4): Eleven songs added to your “joyful movement” playlist. Don’t have this playlist? Create one. 

Day 12 (1/5): Twelve hour break from social media. How can being disconnected help you reconnect with Spirit? 

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