He Was Running Out Of Escape Ideas, But Never Out Of Faith

He’d run away numerous times but they always seemed to catch him. He was running out of ideas, but never out of faith. He knew that if he listened to God’s voice he’d get free.

He Was Running Out Of Escape Ideas, But Never Out Of Faith
Via Wikimedia Commons

After they sold his wife away, religious Jacob Green finally saw slavery for the evil system it was. Slavery wasn’t a system of God like he’d been taught.

God wanted Black people to be free. So becoming free became Green’s holy, God-ordained mission.

For years Green  escaped just to be recaptured and punished. But nothing could stop him, it just meant he had to get more creative.

During his first escape, he tied up 3 white women trying to capture him. He leftt hem in a cellar before escaping into the night.

Another time after being caught by slave catchers, he fooled the courts into thinking he had a disability so they would release him for being “useless.”

One of his wilder escapes happened whilst Green and his enslaver were on a steamboat, traveling back to the South. Green jumped ship and swam to the nearest shore, right underneath his enslavers' nose.

Eventually Green was connected with conductors from the Underground Railroad. Disguised as a woman, Green escaped to Canada.

Green’s story reminds us that many will weaponize God to disempower us, but we must drown these voices out and listen to the voice leading us to freedom. THAT voice is God’s voice.

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