Have You Heard Of This Root That Helps Us Dream?

How often do you dream in your sleep? Dreaming brings us closer to Spirit; this rare South African root helps.

Have You Heard Of This Root That Helps Us Dream?
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For thousands of years Xhosa shamans foraged near South Africa’s rivers, seeking a sacred plant that allowed them to speak with their ancestors. 

Xhosa shamans use ubulawu, also known as “African dream root,” to activate lucid dreams. In a lucid dream, a person knows that they’re dreaming. 

This means that they can understand their thoughts and emotions in the dream and can even control the dream’s environment or outcome. 

Ubulawu was popular with Xhosa shamans because of their belief that dreams were a direct line of communication with their ancestors. In a dream, the veil between the living and the dead is lifted. Dreams were the best place to receive a prophecy or warning. 

Many healing rituals or rites of passage incorporated the use of ubulawu. 

If you’ve had a lucid dream, you aren’t alone; 55% of adults have had at least one lucid dream. But only 23% of people experience lucid dreams every month. 

If you are seeking answers to your questions about faith, liberation, or your purpose in this world, maybe the first place to look is your dreams. What are they trying to tell you? 

Our ancestors convey important messages to us in our dreams. So go ahead. Dream on. 

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