Even Jesus Relied On This Healing Remedy

They used this sacred ingredient to cure cancer, rid spaces of negative energy, and bless the dead on their journey into the afterlife. To this day it’s super accessible and affordable, and something we should all use to keep our energy up, organs healthy, and spirits bright.

Even Jesus Relied On This Healing Remedy
Via Wikimedia Commons

Often we say “sage that” when the energy of a space or person is off. But there’s another way we can cleanse a space, one that’s been around for centuries.

Incense has been used by numerous cultures for generations. It can come in the form of stick, herb, and resin, but originates from sacred plants, like frankincense or sandalwood.

Egyptians found it especially useful, and they used it for both medicinal and sacred purposes.

Egyptians used the resin as one of the ingredients for embalming and mummification. They also burned incense within the royal pyramids, signaling to death deities that it was time to collect the spirits of the dead.

Medicinally, Egyptians used resin to cure illnesses and prolong organ health.

Incense is a great remedy to cleanse the energy of a person or space. If you’re feeling stuck on your path, burn copal incense.

And it’s no coincidence the wisemen gifted Jesus with frankincense and myrrh. Burning myrrh works to enhance positive energy, while frankincense is like an “all-purpose spiritual cleanser.” Be on the lookout for incense infused with these.

Next time you’re feeling stuck or stressed, sit in your space and burn incense while saying affirmations. Once done, open your windows to air out all negative energy you’ve released.

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