Devotion Is How We Make Room For Transformation

What a privilege it is to spend intentional time with God. The practices and rituals we do to show God our love are the art of devotion. What does devotion look like for you?

Devotion Is How We Make Room For Transformation
Via Wikimedia Commons

Every year, she lit a candle on May 1, and prayed all night by the flame. She did this for seven consecutive nights for years, but Spirit didn’t come to her. 

Without losing faith, she devoted herself to ritual. Every May she lit her candles and prayed for a week. In the seventh year, Spirit spoke. 

Ida Carter, a promising root worker from Alabama, was seven when she started this annual ritual. After seven years, Spirit told her she had permission to call herself a conjure woman and practice hoodoo for her community

Ida’s  seven years of devotion and her success as a conjure woman earned her the designation “Seven Sisters.” 

Devotion is the privilege of being able to spend intentional time in service to God. 

Devotion is a balance of faith, patience, and effort. Devotion asks us to reflect on our long-term goals and how we plan to nurture them while leaning on Spirit and on the rituals that transform our prayers into action. 

Blessings don’t happen overnight. Our prayers, rituals, and manifestations are only as powerful as the devotion we pour into them. 

We will achieve liberation through our devotion. It’s time to transform ourselves. What does devotion look like for you? 

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