Darkness Has Always Been Sacred

There is so much beauty in darkness. The night sky. Romantic evenings. Our skin. Darkness has always been sacred – and here’s why.

Darkness Has Always Been Sacred
Via Wikimedia Commons

The first thing we know is the loving darkness of the womb. For nine months we’re shaped by this sacred darkness.

It’s what prepares us for our journey into the light.

”God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness,” reads Genesis 1:4. Some believe this implies that “darkness” is bad and “lightness” is good.

The first biblical text found is roughly 2,700 years old. Since the Bible’s original publication it’s been edited numerous times, receiving over 30,000 edits.

Who’s to say these edits weren’t anti-Black religious leaders inserting their beliefs into the bible?

White enslavers weaponized the Bible to justify slavery. One way they did this was to equate their skin to “godliness,” saying that Black skin was “sinful.” They also referred to Africa as the “dark continent.”

We still see impacts of this legacy, especially from police who constantly target us based on our skin color.
Part of our spiritual healing must be unlearning these harmful legacies and radically loving our Blackness. Just like our skin, there is nothing evil about darkness.

We’re created in darkness, emerging into the light only once we’re ready. Don’t be afraid of darkness. It’s the shade closest to God.

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