Could Her Powerful Love Resurrect Her Husband?

The Teachings of Ptahhotep: "The stomach of the loved will be content, your back will be clothed by it, his image will be over you for the life of your house. Your noble, the one you love, he is alive by it." But can the power of Black love overcome the power of a death brought on by hatred?

Could Her Powerful Love Resurrect Her Husband?
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Isis was the most ancient goddess of the old religion for Nubians, Egyptians and Greeks. Known for her magic, for protecting mothers and children, for teaching spiritual practices, and for her legendary devotion to her husband Osiris.

But their loving union would soon be interrupted.

Both Isis and Osiris worked for the liberation of their people. Yet when they visited Osiris’ jealous brother, Set, the lovebirds had no idea that sibling rivalry would be their downfall.

Envious of their power, Set publicly welcomed them for dinner, yet that night murdered Osiris, cutting him into 13 pieces!

Grief-stricken, Isis fled with her husband’s body, hiding in an old temple. Her enemies were everywhere. But what she did next shows the true power of Black love.

Her wings unfurled; her magic pulsed from her hands. “Live!” she cried, blowing breath into his body. Could her love save his life?

She kissed him awake and magically conceived a child – Horus! Horus went on to defeat his uncle Set and restore the order of the universe.

The power of Black love can overcome nearly anything. How are you loving Black people today?

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