Cannabis Has A Deep Spiritual History That Makes It A Sacred Herb For Many

Exodus 30: 23-25 tells us, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Take the following fine spices…Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend. It will be the sacred anointing oil.”

Cannabis Has A Deep Spiritual History That Makes It A Sacred Herb For Many
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The Hebrew word for cannabis, “kaneh bosm,”  appeared in the book of Exodus. God tells Moses to make sacred oil with “kaneh bosm.”

Over time “kaneh bosm” was mistranslated, replaced in the bible with “calamus,” another plant. While this history was lost to many, some continue using cannabis within sacred rituals.

Rastafarians smoke marijuana in ceremonies known as ‘reasonings.” Reasonings include meditation, prayer, and discussions.

But by honoring their sacred practice, they face constant attack.  

In attempts to villainize Rastafarianism, history whitewashed the religion and cast it as solely about drug use.

But Rastafarians aren’t the only ones receiving hate.

The “War On Drugs”  was designed to target our community. Today, we’re arrested nearly 4 times more for marijuana possession than white Americans, even though they use marijuana equally, if not more.

Numerous Rastafarians are demanding marijuana be nationally decriminalized, and that Black people incarcerated for herb-related crimes be released and provided reparations.

Cannabis is sacred.

If you’re looking to explore using cannabis, be sure to research where you’re getting it from and whether you’re in a decriminalized location. You can also ask an experienced community member that you trust to guide you through the process.

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