Calling Upon Unknown Ancestors

It can be hard to do spiritual work when we don’t know the name of our ancestors, and for many of us that’s the case. Many names were lost throughout enslavement and colonization. So how do we honor ancestors whose names we’ve never known?

Calling Upon Unknown Ancestors
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#1: Ancestors Within Us

Don’t have your ancestors names, photos, or stories to put on your altar?

Place your photo, speak your name, and write affirmations and manifestations for you and your bloodline, past, present, and future. They live within you.

#2: Chosen Ancestors

Like our living chosen families, we can have “chosen ancestors.” Many claim Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, or Harriet Tubman as their ancestors, even if they’re not actually blood related.

Who are your chosen ancestors?

#3: Benevolent Ancestors

Unfortunately, not all ancestors are here for our liberation, which can be complicated when holding space for nameless ancestors.

Pay attention to how their spirit is presenting and ask questions about their purpose. If they have internalized anti-Blackness, wish them well before kindly asking them to leave your spiritual space.

Our ancestors are always with us. They are part of everything we touch, see, taste, smell, hear, and create.

Sit with your altar and make a gratitude list for your ancestors. After giving thanks, create 5 affirmations or manifestations that work to honor both you and your bloodline.

For example: My bloodline is powerful to have gotten me this far. I give thanks. I am actively clearing pathways that work to provide me and my ancestors the rest we deserve.

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